Why Should I use IDEAL LASERS?
Ideal Lasers is set up specifically to offer Laser engraving and marking service, our staff have many years experience working with laser marking machines to a very high level. This gives us a distinct advantages over our competitors as we are able to design & manufacture tooling jigs and complex machinery in house. We literally bend over backwards for our customers so their requirements of  turn around, quality and price can be achieved.

Where is Ideal Lasers located?
Ideal Lasers is centrally located in the Delhi with excellent link to Jahangirpuri & Madhuban Chowk Metro Station & very near to G.T.Karnal Bypass(Mukarba Chowk) but most of our customers are not local to us. We are located near to major courier hub so we are able to dispatch items same day delivery up to 8.00pm which gives us just that little extra time for urgent / rush jobs. Being based in the Delhi does not mean we only deal with Delhi & NCR customers we also deal with all over India customers.

What are the advantages of laser engraving on your products?
Laser engraving / marking has many advantages over conventional engraving these include speed, cost , accuracy quality, repeatability, no -contact (curved surfaces can be accommodated) flexibility, quality & resolution. Laser engraving is permanent but causes little or no damage to the part being marked.

What type of things have you marked in the past?
Here is a list of just some of the things that we have laser engraved over the years;
Laser engraving/marking on Piston Rings.
Laser engraving/marking on Orthopaedic Implants/Instruments.
Laser engraving/marking on Surgical Instruments.
Laser engraving/marking on Bearings.
Laser engraving/marking on Pistons.
Laser engraving/marking on Engine Valves.
Laser engraving/marking on Other Automobile Parts.
Laser engraving/marking pens with company logos and names form customers data bases.
Laser engraving/marking plated parts with customer information.
Laser engraving/marking surgical tools with data matrix codes and CE marks for identification
Laser engraving/marking awards for many blue chip companies.
Laser engraving/marking cocktail shakers with customer logos .
Laser engraving/marking mobile phone keypads.
Laser engraving/marking stainless steel instrument panels for aircraft.
Laser engraving/marking core sample tools with a 150mm long scale around the circumference.
Laser marking plastic / steel vandal proof keyboards.
Laser engraing titanium aerospace parts with serial numbers.
Laser engraving Hall Marks into gold earrings.
Laser engraving gun stocks with artistic pictures of animals.
Laser engraving Hip Flasks with detailed drawings.
Laser engraving watch backs with logos & dates.
Laser engraving stainless steel rules with scales.
Laser engraving clocks,business card holders,folders,pen sets,& pen knifes in huge quantities.
Laser engraving keyrings with company logos.
Laser engraving trophy's for local organisations.
Laser marking USB Memory Sticks with logos.
Laser engraving barcodes 1d and data matrix 2d directly onto steel parts.
Laser engraving machine tool parts with part numbers.
Laser engraving door entry panels with deep vandal proof characters.
Laser engraved high quality / cost after market motorcycle parts.
Laser engraving jewellery including cuff-links,necklaces,tie pins & money clips in gold & silver.
Laser marking radio tracking devices for tracking birds of pray used in falconry.
Laser marking PCB's with date codes and 2D barcodes.
Laser Marking on Tag with Serial Number .
Laser Marking on Hologram Sticker with Serial Number.
Laser Marking On Container Seal With Serial Number .
We could go on & on with this list but hopefully it will give you a rough idea of what we can do.

What are the cost & turn around times?

The cost is worked out by the time it takes us to complete the job, we believe we have among the lowest pricing structure around with very low set up & per piece prices, we normally can turn parts around in under a week but if the job is really urgent we have even done same day work but this depends on our work load & the quantity of work you may need doing. Please call or email for a quote.

What Type of fonts do you have?
Because the laser engraving process is controlled by a PC we can engrave any True Type Font this gives us literally thousands of fonts for you to choice from. Most customers are happy with Arial, Times New Roman or Script for standard jobs but we can handle almost anything.

What is the best format for artwork for us to send?

The best way to send artwork is electronically to our email info@exonlaser.com & if you can in a vector format, we love artwork in Corel draw (V10). We can also take JPEGs TIFFs and most other type of artwork you care to mention but this may incur a small artwork fee. We can also work form camera ready artwork or even just a sketch we have a large library of major company logos already in the correct format so if you are from a well know company you probably won't need to send us anything.

Can you arrange delivery to my customers so it looks like its coming from me?
Yes we can, many of our customers get plane stock sent direct to us along with their custom delivery note, we the arrange packaging in plain cover and send to the desired location. For our larger customers we can hold stock of their items so when they get an order the lead times are reduced allowing very short lead times.

Do you provide samples?
Yes in most cases you can have one of your parts laser engraved / etched / marked free of charge (postal cost may apply for large items). Please contact us to discuss this.

Do you have a minimum / maximum quantity ?
No we don't we can handle from 1 to 10000 parts but we do have a minimum charge of Rs.250.

How deep can you engrave?
The engraving depth is controlled by the number of passes the laser beam makes over a part, we have engraved mould tools up to 5 mm in depth with a very fine spot 0.02 of a mm. This allows for a very high quality engraving but it takes a long time and so the cost can be relatively high (for laser engraving) but still cheap compared to many other methods.

Who are your customer?
We will never reveal the identity of our customers as we believe in total customer confidentiality but we deal with many large companies.But we also deal with small companies and even individuals that just have one item to be engraved hopefully you will become one of our valued customers. If any of you questions have not been answered here then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are only to happy to help !
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