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is a true laser marking/engraving job work center established by Mr. Ranjan Sahoo who gained skill and Best knowledge in the field of Laser Marking after working in the said field for 15 years. We are operating 24x7 Job shop  specifically to offer Laser engraving and marking service, our staff have many years experience working with laser marking machines to a very high level. This gives us a distinct advantages over our competitors as we are able to design & manufacture tooling jigs and complex machinery in house. We literally bend over backwards for our customers so their requirements of  turn around, quality and price can be achieved. This means that our primary daily focus is on mastering and keeping our laser machine productive. We mastered laser marking on a much more complete range of material. Our talent in the widest possible variety of laser marking/engraving jobs allows us to set-up quicker process and solves unique problems in a timely fashion. Our job work center is focused on providing the highest quality laser marking, engraving, deep engraving, and micromachining on virtually any material. Whether it is a low or high volume order, we provide a solution with the highest production quality standards. We have trained laser operators. Multiple operators allow us to adjust our schedule to meet our customer's delivery requirements. We have the in-house ability to do our own laser maintenance. In-house maintenance allows us to make consistent time deliveries. Our commitment to service means: we give our customers what they need, when they need it, at a competitive price. We instantly modify our schedule to satisfy customers. Our strengths come from working closely with our customers in identifying the ideal process solution for their manufacturing needs.

Our Equipment/Services:
  • State of the art technologically advanced laser engraving and marking machinery (Multiple Fiber Lasers Systems ) produce high quality markings / engravings.
  • Consistent quality: We perform strict quality control on all items that go through our systems to ensuring top quality!
  • Marking and Engraving on a variety of surfaces: Aluminium – Natural or Anodised, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Plastic..
  • Branding of corporate gifts and promotional products.
  • Set up / Jigging – NO CHARGE on items suitable for our standard jigs e.g. most pens, key rings etc.
  • Lead-time: We operate beyond standard working hours in order to offer you the quickest turn around time, and exceptional service.
  • Competitively priced.
  • We understand the value of good service and GOOD suppliers.

Our People:

  • Owner driven / involvement – personalized service, TOTALLY committed to ensuring highest QUALITY, SERVICE and BEST VALUE.
  • Highly motivated to find solutions to your laser marking requirements.
  • Skilled laser engravers with quality custom solutions.
  • A “no nonsense” friendly, professional approach.
  • “Honesty is our policy” we do what we say we can.

Our Growth:
  • Our relationships with our customers keep us in business. We understand this. We aim to stay smart and focused – NOT taking our customers for granted. In this way we stay profitable, keeping both our client’s and our bottom lines healthy.
  • Whatever your custom laser engraving and marking requirements may be, give the Professional Laser Engravers a call.
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